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To: Members of the Philippines 18th Congress

Scrap Waste-to-Energy Bill

Scrap Waste-to-Energy Bill

Do not allow waste incineration in the country by allowing waste-to-energy and waste treatment technologies that utilize burning or heating process. Instead, uphold the incineration ban of the Clean Air Act and Ecological Solid Waste Management Act.

Why is this important?

Waste incineration can not solve the waste management problem of the country neither it can provide clean, safe and affordable energy for electric consumers. The reality is opposite. It will only encourage generation of more waste because it will undermine the proper waste management practices such as reusing, repurposing and recycling. It also runs contrary to our aspirational goal of keeping the temperature rise of climate to 1.5 degrees because waste incineration especially plastic waste produces significant greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, it will only convert ordinary wastes to poisonous residues and fumes and persistent organic pollutants including dioxins and furans enough to cause serious health problems such as cancers and will affect future generations.

Reasons for signing

  • The earth has been suffering a lot. And its time for us to make a move to stop this.
  • People of the Philippines should learn to segregate, compost and recycle
  • We don't need to go through another disaster to slap us hard on the face for we have failed again as humans on protecting and preserving our environment.


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