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To: Office of The President and The Senate


We call for an end to the operation of these abusive online lending apps, which threaten, embarrass, intimidate, and cause utter grief to the unfortunate victims.

These abusive lending apps are:
⚔️Cash Cano
⚔️Cash express
⚔️Cash g
⚔️Cash G Snapper
⚔️Fast Cash
⚔️Fin Bro
⚔️First Cash
⚔️Going Loans
⚔️Halika Cash
⚔️Happy Cash
⚔️Happy Lending
⚔️Happy Pera
⚔️Insta Cash
⚔️Insta Money
⚔️Ipeso VIP
⚔️Kusog Pera
⚔️Lemon Loan
⚔️Loan Quick
⚔️Loanmoto pH
⚔️Loanmoto VIP
⚔️Madali Loan
⚔️Mr. Cash
⚔️Ok Peso
⚔️Online Loan
⚔️Online Loan Pilipinas
⚔️Panalo Loan
⚔️Pautang Online
⚔️Pautang Peso
⚔️Pera Lending
⚔️Peso Buffet
⚔️Peso Here
⚔️Peso In
⚔️Peso Q
⚔️PH Pocket
⚔️Pondo Cash
⚔️Prima Loan
⚔️Take. Cash
⚔️Timely Loan
⚔️Valley Loan
⚔️Wow Pera
⚔️Wow Pera VIP

Why is this important?

This is important because so many lives have been damaged and wasted because of the OLA.

We want justice for all victims. Those who are depressed, those who want to end their lives due to extreme grief due to the humiliation and intimidation of these Online Lending Apps.

So many victims have lost their jobs because even their bosses or employers of this poor victims, were texted by the agents of OLA, saying malicious things and slandered the victims. There are also many who want to end their lives due to trauma and depression due to death threats, slander on social media and contact with their friends and co -workers. Those who can no longer return to their normal lives. Broken relationships and friendships. It’s all just because of debt.
Debt that they do not plan to run away from. But begging for a delay in payment. But the answer was intimidation, threats, humiliation on social media, humiliation of friends and relatives.




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