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To: Commission on Higher Education (CHEd), PUP Administration

No To Online Classes and Uphold Quality Education - Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Amidst the current national situation of the Philippines dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, not all students have the luxury of participating in online modes of learning (e.g. lack of gadgets, stable internet access, shelter). Not everyone can afford heealthcare and exercise education rights, thus, we would like to:

1. Suspend alternative learning systems until physical classes are encouraged.
(e.g. online classes, summer classes, Internship and the likes)

2. Provide efficient psychological services to University stakeholders,

3. Take into consideration the welfare and capacity of students, faculty, and employees in formulating new adjustments on academic institutions

4. Draft a flexible academic calendar in accordance to students' capacity

5. Prioritize public health and uphold quality education all the time

Why is this important?

In these trying times, recovery on a national scale should be our top priority. This includes everyones mental and physical capacity. We call on the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) and the PUP Administration to invoke an alternative education system that does not compromise quality and does not further create wider gap in achieving education for all.


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