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To: The Philippine Senate and Congress, Department of Health, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Education, Owners and Managers of Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Schools, Offices.

We have a Right to Compassionate Food, Give us Access to it!

Make compassionate (vegan) food available to all. Access to it should be a right. All establishments serving food and selling food products should make compassionate food choices available to all.

Why is this important?

There is a growing number of people all over the world, and even in the Philippines who are shifting to vegan diet and lifestyle. It is a conscious choice to show compassion for animals and Mother Earth, and to care for one's own health and well-being. People like these should not be marginalized by having practically nothing to choose from in school, office, and hospital canteens; restaurants; hotels; and other food establishments.

Manila Vegans, a facebook group that have grown a few hundred to 13,400+ in a matter of months, is proof that there is a growing interest in vegan diet. Aside from Manila Vegans, there are other vegan groups with thousands of members who are vegans, transitioning, or vegan-curious.

There are so many reasons why vegan diet is becoming the food choice of many:
1. Compassionate/Vegan food is an ethical choice as it does not use any animal ingredients that cause needless suffering and death to animals. See the documentary Earthlings for more information.
2. Vegan food is better for the climate. With worsening climate change, shifting to vegan food drastically reduces ones carbon footprint. Meat-based diet has been found to generate more carbon pollution than the entire transport sector. An Oxford University study found that meat-based diets result to 7.2 kg carbon emissions a day, while only 2.9 kg for vegan diet. Also see the documentary Cowspiracy for better understanding of this.
3. Vegan food is kinder to Mother Earth. With the antibiotic-laden animal waste being generated by the poultry and livestock industry, so much soil and water are being polluted every single day. Livestock are fed with corn, soybeans and grains, which require huge amount of fertilizers and pesticides.
4. Vegan food is healthier. Whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables are more alkaline and thus prevent many types of illnesses. Studies have shown that blood from vegans fight off cancer cells. There are also numerous studies showing vegans had lower risk of cancer, as well as lower rates of diet-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. See the documentary What the Health.

People who make an effort to make conscious choices for animals, for their health, and for the planet should be provided access to these kinds of food. It is totally unfair that people whose food choices hurt animals, themselves, and the planet should have so many food choices yet vegans often go hungry when eating out due to lack of choices.

By providing compassionate food choices, it could also make businesses thrive. Owners of vegan restaurants and shops claim most of their customers are not even vegan but vegan-curious, who are more than happy to try healthier, more earth-friendly, compassionate food choices. This means that given alternatives, more people would start to choose vegan food. Even meat eaters deserve to have a choice when they want to try vegan alternatives.

Vegans would like to alleviate the needless suffering and death of animals and in the process also protect the earth, the climate, and themselves. Why should hotels, restaurants, canteens, and grocers not provide vegan choices to them?

We have a Right to Compassionate Food, Give us Access to it!

How it will be delivered

This will be delivered to the Philippine Senate and The Philippine Congress, The Department of Health, Department of Trade and Industry, and Department of Education. It could also be delivered by any individual or group to restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, that do not serve vegan food.

Reasons for signing

  • I don't want to cause animal suffering.
  • For Animal Liberation
  • It's high time the Philippines stopped following the West's destructive lifestyle. We should be educating our youth about sustainability and accountability. Exposing them to a vegan lifestyle is a great start. We should be subsidizing our local farmers and supporting initiatives like this to make locally-grown produce more accessible and affordable for all. We need to do away with meat as a status symbol and debunk misconceptions that a wholesome, plant-based diet is in any way inferior to it.


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