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To: President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Suspend Reclamation in Manila Bay Now!

Implement the suspension of all reclamation projects in Manila Bay!
No to reclamation, save Manila Bay!

We, the Filipino people, urge the President and his administration to fully commit to and implement the suspension of reclamation projects across Manila Bay.

We stand united in defending our Manila Bay, with its rich biodiversity, cultural heritage, and contribution to our food security. We stand united in conserving the bay for the sake of Filipinos today and for generations to come.

In light of negative social and environmental impacts of reclamation, we believe that suspending reclamation projects in the bay area and conducting an independent and scientific assessment of cumulative impacts are necessary steps towards the rehabilitation of the Manila Bay ecosystem.

We call on the administration to release the corresponding orders and guidelines regarding this suspension, such as an explicit executive order, and to ensure that project construction and development does indeed stop while cumulative impacts are being assessed.

Why is this important?

We must defend Manila Bay and its rich biodiversity, cultural heritage, and contribution to food security for the sake of Filipinos today and generations to come. As such, we must all say no to reclamation in Manila Bay.
Manila Bay, Philippines

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