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To: The Cordova LGU

Stop the 1500-ha Cordova, Cebu Reclamation Project

Let them refrain from this project because it will destroy and lose our marine resources which is the primary and primitive sources of livelihood of the local people. We plead also not to reclaim for the purpose of making Cordova an economic zone because progress doesn't need to compromise the environment and destroy it.

Why is this important?

We need to preserve and protect our coastal areas as our marine resources and our heritage because of the underlying history and cultural influence of this vast coastal area in Cordova.
Cordova is known for its wide area of muddy shoreline which is great breeding habitats for eel or bakasi (Scuticaria tigrina) which became an iconic seafood (aphrodisiac) for Cebuanos. They thrive also because of the vast area of seagrass that encompass the whole coast of Cordova. Cordova also has a Mangroove Sanctuary that used to be an ecotourism but was also deeply affected during the last oilspill. We also have a nearby marine sanctuary and giant clams being cultured and protected. If the coastal area of Cordova will disappear, there will be no more nursery and breeding places for smaller fishes before they go to the open sea or to the rich marine sanctuary. Lastly, it is most likely that they will quarry the mountain to use in reclaiming that area. Mountains will be denuded. Terrestrial and aquatic resources are both destructed here and we can't tolerate no more with the threats of harsh weather and climate change.

Cordova, Cebu, Philippines

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