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To: Department of Public Works and Highway, Mayor of Taguig

Stop Killing Trees in Taguig

Please stop cutting down almost 500 trees to pave way for the road widening project. These are mature hardwood trees like Mahogany, Molave, and Narra, and earth-ball young trees dotting Bayani Road and Sales Interchange in Fort Bonifacio.

Trees need not to be cut down to give way to development.

Why is this important?

When are we going to learn and value the importance of nature? These trees give us shade, protection from flood and help us clean the air in this traffic prone area. Global warming is real and we are already experiencing its dangerous impacts.

What will happen if all these trees are gone? Will the road widening really solve traffic? I bet not.
What is definitely going to happen is that everyday we will be forced to breath in polluted air as we pass through Lawton Ave. There will no more trees to cover and protect us during the scorching heat of summer. These trees are already there even before most of us were born.

Please stop Killing them because losing them will slowly kill us too. The wrong things that we are doing with Mother Nature will come back to us tenfold.

Lawton Avenue, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

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