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To: Bureau of Animal Industries-Department of Agriculture,Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources-Department of Agriculture, DILG,Ocean Park Cebu and all partners or affiliates connected with the project

Stop Dolphin and Sea Lion shows in Cebu Ocean Park

The proposed dolphin and sea lion shows in Cebu Ocean Park is another preposterous project that promotes animal abuse to entertain the public.
WE DO NOT NEED THIS! We do not need to capture and exploit wild animals to educate the public!
They are best seen in the wild than in cramped enslavement facilities.
We call on the Department of Agriculture,the Department of Interior and Local Government, through local government units not to provide support to activities that normalizes exploitation, and contributes to the decimation of wild populations of marine mammals by:
a. Ensuring that no dolphins, sea lions, and other protected species will be held captive in the park.
b. Ensuring strict measures are in place to the highest standards to ensure the well-being of the species to be housed in the facility (no cruelty and abuse).
c. Return the animals to the wild where they came from if the facility cannot provide sufficient care or the proper environment for them
d. For the public to NOT SUPPORT any form of animal handling that includes touching and riding especially for photographic and commercial purposes.
e. Promote sustainable/alternative and eco-friendly options.

Why is this important?

Why is it important?
Their enslavement should not be our entertainment.
Cebu is a beautiful island with rich marine biodiversity. It is always good to enjoy Cebu by visiting sustainable and eco-friendly sites and not going to places where they exploit marine species for entertainment. These animals, once they are in captivity, can affect their behaviours - both physically and physiologically that can put their well-being at risk. And this is what the proposed dolphin and sea lions shows in Cebu Ocean Park will do to our marine friends - they will be held captive and enslaved for entertainment and profit. These animals should not be made to perform or forced to provide rides or handling by visitors.
We call on the government to ensure that there won't be any Threatened and protected species going into this facility. We should show compassion and love for these voiceless animals. They deserve the right to be in the wild. The Philippines is one of the best tourist destinations in the world because of its marine biodiversity and natural beauty. The last thing we need is another dolphin and sea lion show.

Cebu, Philippines

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