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Save Island Cove / Animal Island

Save Island Cove / Animal Island

Stop them to cut trees and mangroves. They're already cut 7 thousand trees and mangroves.

Why is this important?

For local fisherman. Climate change

Kawit, Cavite, Philippines

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Reasons for signing

  • Protektahan natin ang ating kalikasan at ang mga ibang mabubuhay at nabubuhay dito
  • I signed on this because I want to be one of the voice to stop destroying islands and to spread the importance of our nature. I want to help this campaign to protect and save our environment. Also to show them that ruining the habitat of animals can also ruin our life.
  • Because I want to save some of the animals that living in that island. If other people continue to destroy that island some of those animal that living in that island well be in danger so stop destroying that island and presev it for the animals.


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