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To: Mayor Benito Ochoa, Vice Mayor Rosa Mia King and Sangguniang Bayan of Daet, Camarines Norte

Save Bagasbas Beach and Camarines Norte Shoreline! No to Offshore Mining!

1. Make a strict, permanent and lasting resolution that will ensure restoration and protection of the shoreline and marine resources of Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Camarines Norte.
2. A resolution that Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) should not entertain and permit application for any kind of exploration in the marines waters and shoreline of Bagasbas beach.
3. A resolution on sustainable and responsible tourism that favors the environment more than anything else.
4. Ask the DENR to revoke any pending application and permit that enables exploration and exploitation of the Bagasbas Beach Shoreline and Marine Waters.

Why is this important?

On July-August 2019, a Notice for Application of Exploration, from EPHESUS MINERALS CORPORATION was received by different towns in Camarines Norte (Paracale, Vinzons, Talisay, Daet). While the Provincial and Local Government Units involved have expressed their strong opposition to this project in writing, I feel it is important to put into a law, resolution, or mandate that will ensure that the said project will not take place now or in the future.

1. Environmental Exploitation in the form of exploration and Blacksand sand mining will affect our 15 hectare marine reserve where fish sanctuary is located.
2. It will destroy the reef that produce waves to our surfers making Bagasbas Beach a premier Surfing Destination not only in the Philippines but in the world.
3. It will destroy the reed that serves as barrier to prevent the higher ground from falling into the deep of the intercontinental shelf.
3. When it happens, coastal erosion will be evident in the coastline, intrusion of saline water into farmland takes place hence farmers will be affected.
4. The most dramatic event that will happen is that due to coastal erosion, 5 thousand plus population of Brgy Bagasbas is at risk, 3 thousand plus population of Sitio Mandulungan is at risk, 252 registered fisherfolks will lost their livelihood, Quinamanokan Island will be no longer in the map.
5. 104k Plus population in Daet that depends on fishing and its products will be indirectly affected.

Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Philippines

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