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To: Local Government of Palawan, Nickelodeon (Viacom International Media Networks), and Coral World Park Undersea Resorts Inc.,

No to Nickelodeon's Underwater Theme Park in Palawan

We call on the Local Government of Palawan, Nickelodeon (Viacom International Media Networks), and Coral World Park Undersea Resorts Inc., to junk their plan to build a 400-hectare underwater theme park in Coron, Palawan.

Why is this important?

Contrary to the press statement that the underwater theme park would "advocate ocean protection," it will accomplish the exact opposite. By building artificial structures, you will undeniably damage and disrupt Palawan's marine ecosystems -- our Last Frontier. If you are sincere and serious about marine conservation, the money allocated for the underwater theme park should be invested in marine protected areas, sustainable livelihoods for local communities, and environmental education programs.

For a channel that targets children, Nickelodeon is setting a terrible example to the younger generation by taking away their right to enjoy our natural resources. We don't need an underwater theme park -- our underwater life is fascinating, entertaining, and educational on its own.


2017-06-01 14:43:30 +0800

Dept. of Tourism Sec. Wanda Teo says this Nickelodeon theme park will push through
Here's the full video >>

2017-03-06 15:17:13 +0800

Coral World Park Undersea Resorts Inc.: REAL or FAKE? >>

2017-01-16 15:35:30 +0800

In behalf of the more than 200,000 petitioners, we delivered our letter to the PH headquarters of Nickelodeon signed by Greenpeace Philippines, Save Philippine Seas, Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines, Environmental Legal Assistance Center - Palawan, and Oceana Philippines, with a copy of this petition asking Nickelodeon (Viacom) to exercise extraordinary diligence in this venture. We asked them to carefully examine not just the concept or the vision of the attraction as their partner developer Coral World Park Undersea Resorts, Inc. has no history of conservation work in the Philippines and we question their capacity to implement the biggest reef conservation program in Asia.

Here's the copy of the letter we delivered:

2017-01-14 06:03:45 +0800

200,000 signatures reached

2017-01-13 11:27:00 +0800

Yesterday, 12 January 2017, we met with the chairman of Coral World Park Undersea Resorts, Inc. and discussed about this proposed Nickelodeon undersea attraction in Coron. The company has yet to present their master plan, promised that they'll show it to us soon.

Keep sharing this petition to let your friends know about this issue, and let's hold Coral World Park Undersea Resorts, Inc. to their promise!

2017-01-11 22:34:47 +0800

150,000 signatures reached

2017-01-11 21:52:31 +0800

A letter to the chairman of Coral World Park Undersea Resorts Inc. has been sent, along with 100,000++ signatures of people backing this campaign, asking for a dialogue regarding the issue.

Keep sharing the petition until this meeting happens!

2017-01-11 14:59:25 +0800

DENR Secretary Gina Lopez will not allow the planned construction of an underwater resort and theme park in Palawan.

Please keep sharing this petition wherever and whenever you can!

2017-01-11 14:13:46 +0800

100,000 signatures reached

2017-01-11 10:15:35 +0800

50,000 signatures reached

2017-01-11 06:57:47 +0800

20,000 signatures reached

2017-01-11 00:18:31 +0800

10,000 signatures reached

2017-01-10 23:19:36 +0800

5,000 signatures reached

2017-01-10 22:05:19 +0800

1,000 signatures reached

2017-01-10 21:43:13 +0800

500 signatures reached