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To: McDonald's

McDonald's: Prioritize Sustainability Now!

Dear Eco Warrior,

Today, we celebrate the end of this year-long McDonald's campaign. To everyone who has been instrumental to the completion of this initiative, THANK YOU! The campaign ended but the fight continues.
⭐️⭐️⭐️ THANK YOU: The McDonald’s Campaign ended with 701 Signatures Submitted to 16 McDo Branches in 3 Countries! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Read official statement here:

Thank you and see you in the next ones to come! ♥️🌱

At your service,
Dana, Open Letters for the Environment

Requests to McDonald's Corporation:
• Limit use of packaging to takeouts only
• Loose protocol on customer's own containers
• Use of reusable and washable containers and cutleries for Dine-ins.
• Use of 100% Biodegradable and Ethically-sourced packaging

Requests to Franchise Owners:
Since changing the whole process of the corporation is lengthy and difficult, we would like to request the Franchise Owners to work around with the current rules of McDonald's Corporations. Perhaps there are possible ways to inject sustainable efforts in the current process provided as a Franchise.

If these requests are granted, our generation and the future generations to come will be forever indebted to you. Thank you very much!

Why is this important?

As the biggest fast food chain in the world with 37,000 restaurants and 69 million customers
each day, McDonald’s uses “nearly 2.8 tonnes of packaging every minute, representing nearly 1.5
million tonnes of packaging per year” according to Resource. Packaging is perhaps their most
pressing issue.

McDonald's continues to produce thousands and thousands of tons of solid wastes periodically. Not to mention, the emitted millions of metric tons of greenhouse gases from the production, transportation, and waste management of their packaging.


Please read this Open Letter for McDonald's:

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver the petition with the created Open Letter through the following:

• Through online Feedback Centers available
• Sending the letters to several branches of McDonald's all over the world, with the Franchise Owners as the primary recipient
• Emailing known McDonald's Franchise Owners



2020-07-11 18:32:24 +0800

Petition is successful with 702 signatures

2020-07-03 14:25:49 +0800

The Open Letter and 701 petition signatures were delivered to 2 McDonald's Branches in Nagoya, Japan!

📍McDonald's Imaike
📍McDonald's Gokiso

Thank you for all of your full support!

2019-05-08 22:28:45 +0800

The Open Letter and 612 petition signatures were delivered to 3 McDonald's Branches in Luzon and Visayas (Philippines)! And you know what, these were delivered by VOLUNTEERS!

📍McDonald's Marikina Sports Complex branch
Marikina City, Metro Manila
Handed by Roland F.

📍McDonald's SM City Cebu Branch
📍McDonald's EMall Branch
Handed by Erica Mae A.

Link to the full update here >>

2019-05-06 22:00:58 +0800

500 signatures reached

2019-05-02 18:04:26 +0800

The Open Letter and 212 petition signatures were delivered to 8 McDonald's Branches around Cebu City, Philippines!

📍 McDonald's Ayala
📍 McDonald's Escario
📍 McDonald's JY Square Mall
📍 McDonald's Colon near Colonnade Mall
📍 McDonald's Fuente
📍 McDonald's Jones
📍 McDonald's Colon across Metro Colon
📍 McDonald's IT Park near The Walk

Link to the full update here >>

2019-03-30 10:07:36 +0800

100 signatures reached

2019-03-29 11:30:20 +0800

50 signatures reached

2019-03-29 07:57:35 +0800

25 signatures reached

2019-03-28 18:16:53 +0800

10 signatures reached