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To: Fishermen

Make Parrotfish fishing illegal and all coral reef fish

Make Parrotfish fishing illegal and all coral reef fish

Stop fishing coral parrotfish and other colorful species in order to save out coral and marine life.

Why is this important?

Overfishing will wipe out 59 reef fish species. A study shows that some of the largest fish that swam in the coral reefs around the Philippines have all but disappeared following decades of unsustinable fishing. That includes iconic and valuable species such as the green bumphead parrotfish, the humphead wrasse, the African pompano, thw giabt grouper, and the mangroove red snapper. Fishermen must understand that over fishing reef fish will affect not only most species but our corals health, specially if we lost another parrotfish species.


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Reasons for signing

  • Prevention is the best just like in the medical field. Dont wait until its too late
  • Wag niyo yan kainin. Mas masarap kaya ang bangus.
  • When I went to Siquihor this summer, I was surprised that Parrot fishes are sold along the highway.


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