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To: Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, Vice Governor Hilario Davide III, and the Cebu Provincial Board

Make Cebu Adopt a Healthier and Climate-Friendly Food System

a) IMPROVE HEALTH and nutritional conditions of every resident of the Province ⁠— by increasing value to the benefits of consuming plant-based foods which have been scientifically proven to prevent many diseases and lead to long and healthy lives.

b) PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT and contribute to appropriate action mitigating and adapting to climate change ⁠— by implementing ecological sound methods of plant food production and encourage resources conservation and regeneration.

Why is this important?


Our country is confronted with a double burden case of malnutrition: children are underweight, while adults are obese or overweight. This is associated with the increasing intake of fats, oils, sugars, syrups, and processed food; and decline in consumption of fruits and vegetables.
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On top of that our country is also regularly plagued with intense storms and drought that affects our farmers and disrupts our food system. Did you know that livestock contributes as much to climate change as all cars, trucks, planes, trains, and ships in the world combined? That's 14% of all greenhouse gases!
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Cebu, Philippines

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