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To: Ocean Adventure Management, SBMA, DENR, BFAR

Keep Them in the Wild: Turtle and Shark Adventure ( Ocean Adventure Subic Bay)

The new attraction of Ocean Adventure Subic Bay called Turtle and Shark Adventure harms marine life. Marine animals should be kept in the wild and rescued Sea Turtles must be rehabilitated and must not be exposed to any tourism activities. The new attraction must be stopped and marine animals must be released back to their natural habitat.

Reach us if you have any concerns or witnessed anything related to this issue:
Email: [email protected]
IG & Twitter: WasteWatchPH

Why is this important?

Since 2014, 5 false killer whales, 6 bottlenose dolphins, and 1 sea lion, have died in captivity in one marine park alone in the Philippines. There could be more unrecorded deaths since then in other marine park establishments. The attractions of Ocean Adventure Subic Bay harm marine life and do not teach people about the protection of marine animals.

Moreover, it should be established that holding, grabbing, and poking any form of marine life can cause them great distress and inflict injuries. In cases of rescued marine animals, such as sea turtles, they should be immediately put in rehabilitation and be released afterwards.

Additionally, feeding the fish, or any other marine animal for that matter, breeds dependence among them, which is dangerous to their health. (They become reliant on the food source being fed) This practice further disrupts the ecological balance because the alteration in behavior it costs fish and other marine life also prevents them from feeding on algae growing on corals.

Lastly, keeping any marine animal in enclosed spaces decreases its lifespan. Say no to marine animals kept in captivity. Let’s keep them in the wild!


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