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To: City of Tacloban thru Hon. Alfred Romualdez

Expression of Support to the Proposed Ordinance on the Regulation of Single-use Plastics

The undersigned petitioners hereby concur and adhere to the following provisions in relation to the proposed ordinance "Regulating the Use of Plastic Bags and Prohibiting the Use of Polystyrene for Food Products in the City of Tacloban", to wit:
1. The proposed ordinance aims to magnify the existing efforts of the government and its citizens to Section 16, Article 2 of the Constitution of the Philippines: the protection and the advancement to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature.
2. Tacloban City currently faces a dilemma in the improper accumulation of plastic objects and particles around and surrounding the city, including in the landfills, in establishments, and in major tourist attractions. The proposed ordinance guarantees for the resolution and diminution of the said ecologic issue and predicament through collective actions of the people, including herein petitioners.
3. The proposed ordinance is beneficial in curbing consumer behaviors towards the recyclable use of plastic containers. As consumers, herein petitioners are aware and fully understand all the duties, responsibilities and accountability towards the achievement of the total renouncement on the single use of plastics, as stipulated in the ordinance.
4. Recycling of plastic and proper waste disposal are also of great priority, in congruence with the ordinance. As such, herein petitioners shall still ensure the strict observance thereof.
5. Education, communication and information are indispensable means to champion the hearts and efforts of the general citizenry for the protection and preservation of the city’s environment. As informed citizens, herein petitioners pledge to advocate for the use of recyclable plastics to their families, communities and to the network of populace from hereon.
6. The bill values environmental, health, economic and moral prosperity of both the citizens and the local government. As such, herein petitioners intend to adopt and pursue for the implementation of the ordinance for life, promotion of the general welfare and environmental justice.

Why is this important?

This unsustainable practice has been going on for decades, unaddressed. Since 1950s, corporations have produced 800 billion tons of plastic waste. Only 9% of the world’s plastic gets recycled. The rest ends up in our dumpsites, landfills, water wastes and oceans. Continuing our dependence on it means wasting our lands to more dumpsites and landfills. To increase the recycling means building facilities for it. Recycling plastic not only requires large amounts of energy but also uses large quantities of water. Unfortunately, we do not have these facilities. We do not have these infrastructures in place to carry out this energy-intensive process to process a plastic waste we only used ONCE.

Based on the data collected thru the brand audit headed by Waste 360, 30% of the wastes audited were plastic bags. A total of 4,703 pieces of plastic bags were audited.

It is important to contextualize the scale each of corporations’ contribution with reference to plastic bags. On its own, plastic bags is 30% of all wastes. This can be addressed locally through implementing effective ordinances that ends the use of plastic bags in Tacloban City, and hopefully, the rest of the country.

We stand for drastic reduction of plastic production. We are asking for these corporations to do the same and provide alternative delivery systems.

The plastic pollution is not just a scrape, it is a poison that is slowly killing our home. We do not need a band aid; we need a cure. The ordinance banning the use of plastic bags and styrofoam on food products is the first step!

How it will be delivered

The petition will be forwarded to the Committee on Environment, headed by Hon. Aimee Grafil, City Councilor, and to the Office of Tacloban City Mayor, Hon. Alfred Romualdez.

Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines

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Check out the results of the brand audit to know more about plastic pollution!

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