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To: Gina Lopez, Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources

DENR, charge DOH for exploiting turtle eggs

Last July, government employees from the Department of Health (DOH) headed by Dr. Sangkula Laja, provincial health officer of Tawi-Tawi, were documented smuggling endangered green turtle eggs from the Turtle Islands, a Protected Area where strictest management is expected. This violates various environmental laws, such as the Wildlife Act (RA 9147) and NIPAS Act (RA 7586). This act shows grave abuse of power from those who are expected to uphold the law.

Illegal wildlife trade is a serious crime against humanity and future generations. The government officials should be made answerable to the illegal act. We urge the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the local government units to strengthen their enforcement efforts and hold these government officials accountable to their actions.

Read the details and watch the video here:

#EnforceWildlifeActPH #STOPIllegalWildlifeTrade #DOHntPoachTurtles

Why is this important?

Marine turtles are threatened species, classified as Endangered or Critically Endangered because of exploitation for their shells, eggs, and meat; bycatch in fishery; destruction of feeding (seagrass beds and reefs) and nesting beach habitats; pollution, especially plastic trash; and climate change. The only way we can ensure their survival is for us to find ways to stop these threats from affecting their populations. The five marine turtles present in the Philippines are fully protected by the Wildlife Act.


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