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To: Mr. Leody de Guzman, Presidential Candidate

Dear Presidential Candidate: Mr. Leody de Guzman

This campaign has ended.

2022 will be a critical year for the Philippines as we hold our national elections. The youth, comprising 52% of the total voting population, will be playing an important role in electing the right leaders and consequently, shaping a future that’s green, just, livable, and lovable.

Be part of the #Love52 movement. Write a love letter to our aspiring leaders today and let them know what issues matter to you, your loved ones, and to our dear planet.

Why is this important?

Current and dominant election narratives in the news and in social media focus on personalities and partisanship. We believe that this focus must be shifted and more space must be made for tackling issues, particularly the issues that will define the future of the planet and the fate of the youth.

The #Love52 movement envisions an empowered and forceful youth voice that is demanding good governance and a better normal. “Why do we vote?” We vote to protect our loved ones, our country, and our planet. Together with various youth nationwide, we’ll seed changes in the Filipinos’ thinking about election issues, and show them that they have the power to change the narrative and move candidates to adopt the youth agenda.



2022-08-29 23:36:49 +0800

10 signatures reached

2022-05-25 14:54:04 +0800

We would like to thank everyone who expressed their love for the country and the planet. We hope we can all continue to show our love and shape a better, brighter, and safer future for everyone. #Love52

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