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To: Chairman Sheriff M. Abas, Commission on Elections (Philippines); Secretary Eduardo Año, Department of the Interior and Local Government, & All Election Candidates & Party-lists!

Clean - Up Your Campaign Materials, 2019 Election Candidates & Party - lists! #MukhaMoLinisMo

Clean - Up Your Campaign Materials, 2019 Election Candidates & Party - lists! #MukhaMoLinisMo

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) should oblige all 2019 election candidates and party-lists to clean up, & collect all campaign materials, especially the ones left on the streets, regardless if it's them, their team, or supporters who put it up.

This is a call for COMELEC & DILG to:
1. Have a clear and strict implementing rules and guidelines regarding the clean up & collection of ALL campaign materials. (If there is an existing one, to have a strong political will to actually implement it.)
2. Set a definite DEADLINE for all campaign materials to be cleaned up & collected
3. Create a SPECIAL COMMITTEE that will implement the rules. If there are still campaign materials after the deadline, the special committee shall have the power to enforce fine to the concerned candidate / party-lists, and impose sanctions

After all, it's their face, and their names. It should be their responsibility.

Why is this important?

Election season can be one of the dirtiest season in the Philippines. Alongside with the dirty politics play and toxicity of people around, it is most especially the dirties for the environment. But this time, we won't let candidates / party-lists get away with them!

1. The campaign materials used, if not all, are mostly plastic-made. If properly disposed and collected, it will end up as waste in landfills (still not totally a good news), and if not, it will end up in other areas which will harm wildlife, marine and terrestrial ecosystems and even clog sewage systems, among others.

However, there is another path for these wastes... Should there be groups or individuals that could turn these wastes into useful things, candidates and party-lists must deliver it to them.

2. Undeniably, there are much more campaign materials on public spaces than the assigned posting areas -- Public spaces such as community parks, empty houses and lots, electricity posts, (and even electric wires!) etc. Cleaning it up entails additional work load for our local communities, and a mountain top of wastes!

It is not their job to clean up your wastes!

3. Every Filipino has the equal right to a pleasant, healthy, and safe surrounding and living space. And this does not include sight of candidate's face and name at every street! (With the threat of causing floods and what not..)

Again, It should not be our responsibility to clean up their campaign materials! It should be theirs!

In simplest words, "Mukha Mo, Linis Mo!"


How it will be delivered

This petition will be sent thru email.


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LOOK: Environment and health watchdog EcoWaste Coalition urged political candidates to clean up their mess and upcycle their campaign materials. The group said these can be made into bags, school supplies such as notebooks and folders and other containers. #VotePH2019 | VIa @JhessetEnanoINQ on Twitter.

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