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To: Mayor Nieto and the people who resides in Floodway River and Floodway Creek

Clean up the Floodway River and Creeks

Clean up the Floodway River and Creeks

I am asking for Mayor Nieto if he could allocate funds in the clean up of the River in Floodway and the Creeks in Floodway and pass a municipality ordinance for people not to throw garbage in the creeek and the river.Also, I would like the people who are residing near the river and the creeks to please avoid throwing their waste in the river and in the creeks

Why is this important?

Floodway River and the creeks in Floodway is a water system leading to Laguna de Bay thus polluting our water system because of the rampant throwing of garbage of the citizen and because there has been no law that was pass by the local government to serve punishment to those who throw garbage in the said river and creek.

Manggahan Floodway

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Reasons for signing

  • We should all do our share to protect Environment and bodies of water, esp. To all those person in POWER to save and restore MOTHER EARTH. Thus, I completely and strongly support kind of activity. With this, may we call on Mayors and downlines to prioritize this campain that will benefit Man-kind.
  • We all should our SHARE to protect the Environment, esp., to those people in POWER. There is a MUST and prioritize this kind of activities that will benefit to save Mother Nature
  • wala ng malalanguyan si Manny V.


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